User agreement

Data entered into the Record Pool are stored on a central database server. Copyright of all data entered into the Record Pool remain with the original recorder.

The intention of the Record Pool is to capture data from around the UK from a variety of different sources. All non embargoed records can be accessed by the relevant local recorder (typically a local ARG, LRC or County recorder).

Please read and make sure you agree to the following statements before you submit or modify your data on Record Pool:

By submitting records/data to the Record Pool, I understand that:

  • I should always obtain the permission of landowners and/or tenants before entering land to carry out any recording activities
  • I should not put others or myself in danger during the course of any recording activities
  • I consent to my personal details being held by the Record Pool, including in electronic form
  • Copyright of records remains with the recorder however, these are provided on the understanding that the recorder grants a license to the record pool to use this data for scientific, education and conservation purposes, at the discretion of the Record Pool steering group partners. The recorders we share data with are expected to work to recognised data standards (as promoted by the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres and the National Biodiversity Network). 
  • The Record Pool, and/or ARG UK and/or ARC, will attempt to identify me as the author of records where possible, but it may not always be possible to do so, for example where maps and reports are based upon records submitted by many people
  • If I am likely to encounter species that require licensing during my recording activities, I need to have received a licence from the relevant statutory agency, or to have made other licencing/accreditation arrangements.
  • The Record Pool exercises due diligence and consideration to any issues of sensitivity, confidentiality, ownership, copyright and data protection that may arise and is compliant with the Data Protection Act (2018), and  will be compliant with the UK General Data Protection Regulation.
  • For more information about our approach to data protection please see our Privacy Policy

Please also read and make sure you agree to our Privacy and Cookies Policy before you register for an account or submit data to the Record Pool.



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