Using the data tables

How do I access the Record Pool data?

Record Pool data in table format can be viewed by clicking Data in the top menu bar. As an unregistered user you can access Record Pool data at a low location resolution with individual recorders' personal details omitted. There is also the option to view your own records at full resolution and if you have are a local recorder or project leader who has been assigned full access records you can access them from the Data page tab menu. For further information please see the Data Access Levels information page and the Access Levels FAQ.

Can I sort and filter data in the tables?

Yes. To sort the tables simply click on the up and down arrows in the header row of the column you want to sort by.

To filter data, click the Add a filter button and you'll see a slide in side panel appear from the right of the webpage containing all the different filter options. You can choose to filter to Limit to  or Exclude for each of the available filters.

Limit to limits the data to the filters you have added. For example if you wanted to only show common frog and common toad records, you can add each species as a Limit to filter. If you aren't interested in spawn, you can then simply add the lifestage spawn as an Exclude filter. The data table would then be showing all common frog and common toad records except records for spawn.

The filters you have selected show clearly in the Custom Filters box and you can remove them by clicking the cross next to each one, or clicking the Clear all button to reset and show all the data again.

Can I export my filtered data set?

Yes, if you have registered as a Record Pool user and are logged in. When you click the Export data button, your filtered dataset will be exported. Although you are limited to view 25, 50 or 100 record rows on screen, when you export the data all records in your dataset will be exported. You can even export all of our data without filtering it if you want to.

Exported files are in .csv format which you can open in any spreadsheet programme (Excel, Numbers for Mac, etc). Exported data location resolution is limited to your access level in the same way as the data you see on screen. 

Are unverified records included in the data?

Yes, by default records which have not yet been verified are shown. If you want to show only Verified records you can change the State selector at the top right of the data table to Verified records. Bear in mind that the amount of records which have been verified by a local recorder will vary depending on the county/area, how many volunteers we have there and how much of a backlog of records there are to verify.

Records verified as correct are shown with a green background in the data tables. Records considered incorrect are omitted completely from our public datasets. When you export data the verification state is noted in a column of the exported table.

How can I get a dataset containing full details?

If you want to access higher resolution data to help with a research or conservation project, please contact us to discuss. 

How do I view my own records data?

If you have registered as a Record Pool user, you can access all of your own data at full resolution by clicking on the My records tab above the data table. This includes any records your have entered using your registered email address, including those from before you registered.


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